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Welcome to Medacs Healthcare’s Appraisal and Revalidation online Toolkit.

The toolkit has been developed to hold information required for a medical appraisal and to support you throughout the process. It has been designed with the appraisal meeting in mind and is simple to use, up to date and provides functionality for doctors, appraisers and the Responsible Officer.

Doctors will be able to update general information required, enter and reflect on supporting information and submit inputs to appraisal.

Appraisers can browse the portfolio, view and sign off the appraisal input form and complete the required appraisal outputs for each of their designated doctors.

The Responsible Officer will have access to each doctor’s appraisal in order to make a revalidation recommendation to the GMC.

Medacs Healthcare is committed to keeping the toolkit up to date and in line with the current RST/GMC guidelines.

We'd be interested in your feedback. Please email us at
If you require technical support, please call 0800 316 0841 or contact the Revalidation Team on